Out-Patient Clinic

Out-Patient Clinic

Out-Patient Clinic

The outpatient clinic at Regions Stroke and Neuroscience Hospital is located in a separate building within our state-of-the-art complex. Our physicians take care of a variety of general medical and neurological conditions in the outpatient clinic, including Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Renal diseases, and heart conditions. We treat all adult and pediatric, neurological, and neurosurgical conditions. We have several specialists who are members of our team; including board-certified neurologists, neurosurgeons, and child neurologists, as well as general medical practitioners.

Our state of the art technologically advanced laboratory services is also located in this building. We have partnered with several very well respected diagnostic laboratories such as the Bayelsa Diagnostic Center and Digital imaging located here in Owerri, to ensure that we provide and cover all your diagnostic services, often not available in other centers. There is an area reserved for day case and patient stabilization, for patient also will need treatment for prolonged hours such as infusion therapy, but who do not require formal over night admission.
Our out-patient neurodiagnostic laboratory where we perform EEG, TCD and EMG is located here as well. We also offer Echocardiogram, Carotid Duplex studies and ECG here.
Please visit specific areas of our site that talk about conditions managed in our out patient clinic. Call or whatsapp +234-704-7000011 for appointment today. You can also complete an online appointment form in the home page of our website to schedule appointments.

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