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Dr. O C Nzewi

Dr. O.C. Nzewi

Dr. O.C. Nzewi

Dr. OC Nzewi is a highly qualified and experienced Cardiothoracic Surgeon with a distinguished career that includes serving as a Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. With extensive training and qualifications including MB:BS, MSc, FMCS(Nig), FRCS (CT-h), Dr. Nzewi has played a pivotal role in advancing cardiac surgery.

In his previous roles, he served as Lead Cardiac Surgeon and Clinical Director at the Healthcare International Medical Centre Clydebank, Glasgow, and later as Locum Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon at the Heart Hospital-University College Hospital London. His expertise extends to various areas, including minimally invasive cardiac surgery, rapid deployment aortic valve, TAVI, and cardiac surgery in octogenarians.

Upon retirement, Dr. Nzewi took on the challenge of developing the first private cardiac surgery unit in Northern Ireland at Kingsbridge HealthCare Group Private Hospital. In this governance lead role, he ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, accredits NHS consultants, and oversees the quality and safety of cardiac surgery outcomes.

Dr. Nzewi’s passion extends beyond clinical practice. He is actively involved in international charity work, notably as the Executive Director of Friends of Nigeria-RVH Save a Heart Foundation, dedicated to making open-heart surgery accessible and affordable in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Nigeria. His commitment to training and mentoring is evident in his role as a recognized Assigned Educational Supervisor in the UK, having mentored over 20 cardiothoracic surgeons globally.

With a focus on developing accessible and affordable cardiac surgery programs in Nigeria, Dr. Nzewi has been instrumental in reintroducing open-heart surgery in the country and has collaborated with various hospitals in this endeavor. His dedication is underscored by numerous publications in reputable medical journals, reflecting his commitment to advancing cardiac surgery and addressing healthcare challenges in Nigeria.

Dr. Nzewi’s current mission is to transfer his wealth of experience to the next generation of Nigerian cardiothoracic surgeons, emphasizing the urgency of making cardiac surgery accessible to all. His leadership and contributions have significantly impacted the landscape of cardiac surgery in Nigeria and beyond.

Vijay Agarwal

Dr. Vijay Agarwal

Dr. Vijay Agarwal

Vijay Agarwal is an accomplished Cardiothoracic Surgeon with extensive experience in pediatric and adult congenital heart surgeries. His career spans renowned institutions in India and the UK, contributing significantly to the field.

Qualifications: MCh in Cardiothoracic Surgery from Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute, India (2003)
FRCS in Surgery-in-General from The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (1999)
MS in Surgery-in-General from Calcutta University, India (1998)
MBBS from Calcutta University, India (1993)

Key Expertise:
Neonatal and pediatric cardiac surgeries, including complex cases.
Heart transplant procedures.
AORTIC ROOT surgery.
OPCAB and Valve Surgeries.
Professional Experience Highlights:

Senior Consultant in Congenital Heart and Adult Congenital Heart Surgery at Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre, Riyadh.
Director and Head of Department, Chief paediatric cardiac surgeon at various institutions.
Specialist Registrar in Cardiothoracic Surgery in the UK.

Author of several impactful research articles, including “Double Root Translocation” and “Aortic Root Translocation.”

Recipient of prestigious awards, including the Class Assistant prize for Best student in Surgery (Calcutta University, 1991).

Clinical Charity Work:
Led multiple charity pediatric cardiac surgery camps in Sudan, Tajikstan, UAE-Dubai, India, and Egypt.

Special Interests:

Neonatal surgeries, especially the Arterial switch operation.
Development of the first 3D heart model in India for surgical planning.
Performed the first pediatric cardiac transplant in Maharashtra.
Root Translocation operation for TGA VSD PS.
Non-Clinical Achievements:
Co-author of the best-seller “Dear People, With Love and Care. Your Doctors,” a book on positive doctor-patient relationships.

Vijay Agarwal brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and humanitarian commitment to the field of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

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