Open Heart Surgery

Centre for Complex cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery


  1. Provide world class consultant lead and consultant delivered service at all times.
  2. Use our leverage and connections to international partners and affiliated organizations to bring to your doorstep state of the art best evidence medical practice
  3. Strive to bridge the gap in inequality to access to complex open-heart surgery, major vascular and thoracic surgeries for all our people and in particular for South-East and South-South Regions.

Are you in need for open-heart or major thoracic surgery?

Our centre for complex cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery services provides world class surgical care delivered by our team of highly skilled nurses and doctors led by a renowned consultant cardiothoracic surgeon with over 30 years of experience at topflight in United Kingdom. Our multidisciplinary team include 3 international visiting and 2 resident consultant cardiothoracic surgeons, 2 consultant cardiac anaesthetist, perfusionist, intensive care consultants and skilful cardiac ICU nurses with passion and dedication to what they do best.

The newly commissioned dedicated state of the art cardiothoracic theatre and 3-beded ICU provides a perfect environment for delivery of world class surgical services complimented by access to 24 hrs laboratory, radiological, heart failure, renal and stroke support services. Perfect centre for perfect care.

Our centre is where patients are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion: we are here to serve you.

We offer newly qualified consultant cardiothoracic surgeons perfect environment to learn and gain more experience from world class visiting surgeons; providing good surgeons for tomorrow.


  1. All adult congenital, acquired and structural heart diseases
  2. All pediatric congenital heart diseases
  3. All vascular-minor and major procedures
  4. All Thoracic procedures- benign and malignant


  1. Dedicated ultramodern 3-beded Cardiac ICU
  2. State of the art dedicated cardiac surgery Theatre
  3. Access to 24hours Laboratory, radiological, Heart failure, Renal and stroke support services
  4. On-site Physicians accommodation.

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