Chere Chase-Gregory ICU is a Uniquely designed Destination ICU for your patients equipped with a 13-vented bed state-of-the-art Neurological, Neurosurgical, Cardiovascular, and General Intensive Care Unit. Inside our ICU, patients receive care around the clock and are closely monitored. Our ICU staff possesses advanced critical care training, as well as continuous advanced instruction in basic physiology, anatomy, assessment, and emergency resuscitation. Our unit is headed by an American Board-Certified Intensivist with over 10 years of experience as a Medical Director of one of the largest comprehensive Neuroscience programs in the United States.

Our Unit and Technology

We have a large multi disciplinary team consisting of many professionals including an American Board-Certified Intensivist (Lead Consultant), Critical Care Anesthetist, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, and Dieticians. The unit has Mechanical Ventilators, BiPAP machines, and VPAP machines to provide respiratory support for critically ill patients and is equipped for continuous neurological and cardiac monitoring.

Our portable X-ray scanner makes it easy and safe to image patients right in the ICU without having to move them around for image testing.

24 hours on-site Hemodialysis Center, staffed by a Consultant Nephrologist.

24 hours on-site Laboratory.

24 hours imaging services including X-rays, Ultrasound, and CT-Scan.

Two functional fully equipped operating theaters for urgent surgical procedures.

Why do you need a
Destination ICU?

There are several good hospitals and doctors scattered all over Nigeria. Unfortunately, these hospitals are not equipped with ICU facilities because it is capital intensive to setup and provide trained staff to run it, even when available. Many hospitals may not have the patient load to support the investment. A Destination ICU offers hospitals the opportunity to provide high-level care for their patients while maintaining control of the care in an Intensive Care Unit. Patients are managed in a Destination ICU and once discharged, are sent back to their referral doctor. The doctor then provides adequate care for the patient and does not lose the patient to the place where the ICU is domiciled.

What is a
Destination ICU?

It is an Intensive Care Unit that receives patients from various hospitals when they are severely ill, manages them, and sends them back to the referring facility once stable and out of the ICU.

What happens to my patients once they are discharged from the ICU?

Once discharged, you may choose to allow us to continue to care for your patient in the High Dependency Unit (Step-Down ICU) or request transfer to your hospital for further care.

How do I refer my patients to
the Chere Chase-Gregory ICU

If you think that your patients may need ICU care, call our doctors (+234 – 704 7000 012) to indicate your request and discuss transfer and current medical problems. Once an agreement is reached, the ICU will make arrangements to provide ambulance services to safely convey your patient.

Stroke and Other Neurological Problems
Impending Respiratory Failure
Multiple Organ Failure
Acute Coronary Heart Disease
Status Epilepticus
Renal Failure
Brain Tumor Surgery
Unstable Vital Signs or Serious Chronic Illnesses

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